Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daily Quotations

Creativity is the ability to internally follow something without knowing where what you are following is coming from or going to, but just enjoying the unfolding without taking any credit for it.
Creativity is a singular process that can find expression in any field such as art, science, or business.
The results and expressions of creativity can be influenced by many variables, for example, social conditioning, but not the creative process itself.
Creativity is more akin to intuition than logic or reason; more akin to sensing or experiencing than remembering; and more akin to feeling than thinking.
Anything can be verbally corrupted into ego, pride, self-esteem, or identity as something, but the process of creativity exists only before or after the claims of ego.

Creativity and ego are mutually exclusive and mental health problems are ego based; therefore, help people to find and live in their creativity and to differentiate that from living in their ego.

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