Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Daily Quotations

Follow your thinking as a process of action and reaction: action-thoughts and reaction-thoughts.
The action-thought is a thought that labels or names some person, place, process, or physicality in order to claim to know it as something.
The reaction-thought is a thought that dualistically compares, judges, or rates an action-thought as if that thought was an actual action in order to claim to know its value.
The mind also makes reaction-thoughts into action-thoughts by naming them, and then reacts to these newly made action-thoughts with new reaction-thoughts, new value judgments.

Once you master following your thoughts as action and reaction events, then see that all such thoughts are unreal and speak about nothing and no one because they are over-generalizations, over-simplifications, illusions, delusions, distortions, and dreams.

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