Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Daily Quotations:

Health is a choice, because you can choose to eat, exercise, sleep, socialize, think, and have interests in healthy or unhealthy ways.
Positive health choices cannot help but to have a positive influence in every area of your life and to encourage other positive life-style changes.
Positive health choices are not easy if you are conditioned to make poor choices, for example, choices that support processed or fast food corporations or mind-numbing media.
Choose to recondition yourself to better choices, foods, habits, thoughts, and interests for yourself, loved ones, society, and your legacy.

What is healthy tastes and feels better once you have forced yourself to make positive choices a habit and thereby reconditioned yourself; and what is unhealthy, becomes undesirable and even nasty despite your once thinking that only what was bad for you tasted or felt good.

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