Monday, November 30, 2015

#Science #Pollution: 2015-11-30

  • Air pollution does not signify a lack of science.
  • Water pollution does not signify an absence of science.
  • Land pollution does not signify a deficiency of science.
  • Pollution signifies a lack of accountability, professionalism, and responsibility of scientists.
  • Pollution signifies a dire need to control all aspects of science and scientists at all levels of employment, ethics, certification, licensure, invention, manufacturing, and distribution.

1 comment:

  1. Well, manufacturing and misuse part of scientific knowledge is correct. But how can invention and discovery be regulated? It cant be done, neither should it be tried, for that would be detrimental to progress of knowledge. It isnt the scientists that are the problem, but the society that stands on the shoulder of scientific discoveries that acts irresponsibly. For instance, theory of general relativity has given us so much knowledge of the universe, that all the religious texts and philosophical works havent in the entire history.. but it was never meant to create atomic bombs. Society misused it. Scientists in the stone age discovered how to create fire, it was people who used it to burn houses but it also is useful to light dark places, give warmth or cook food. Had those stone age people kept debating and discussing about dangers of discovering fire at that time, then we would still have been in the stone age. Scientists and science are amoral, and cant be judged by ethical and moral standards of a society.