Tuesday, June 25, 2019

#Conversation #Takeaway: 2019-06-25

What is the takeaway from the conversation?
1. You are left with something more to complain about.
2. You are still pondering some new information or insights.
3. You are still enjoying a good laugh from a good jibe or joke.
4. You feel inspired and uplifted by the encouraging and supportive remarks.

5. You feel motivated to contribute more because of the positive example and call to action.

Monday, June 24, 2019

#Politically #Correct: 2019-06-24

1. Politically correct (PC) is when you make an excuse for endless emotional-violence, and no facts or reasons will stop you.
2. Politically correct (PC) is when you feel free to make endless unfactual and unfair comparisons despite thereby degrading legitimate causes.
3. Politically correct (PC) is when the ends justify the means giving you permission to do and say whatever in the name of your righteous cause.
4. Politically correct (PC) is when you have a verbal-reality that no facts or reasons will get you to examine, check, or surrender for actual reality.

5. Politically correct (PC) is when you believe the elite should run the government because only the aware elite know what is best for everyone else.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

#Mind #Boring: 2019-06-23

1. Why do you get tired of a song? Is it because you hear more and more of your thinking about it and less and less of the music?
2. Why do you think a book goes faster the next time that you read it? Is it because you think you know it so do not have to experience it?
3. Why do you think a movie goes faster the next time you see it? Is it because you jump to your thoughts about it rather than seeing and watching it?
4. What makes things boring if not the boring mind that is made boring and dead by knowing.

5. What kills sensing and experiencing but knowing? Curiosity and not-knowing keep experiencing, intelligence, and sensing alive.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

#Esteem #Self: 2019-06-22

1. Esteem the self as the host, not the self as the hosted.
2. Esteem the self as the vessel, not the self as self-images in the vessel.
3. Esteem the self as the container, not the self as self-concepts or other contents.
4. Esteem the self as a transceiver, not the self as things and thoughts received or sent.

5. Esteem the self as a mirror or reflector, not the self as a collection of habits, personalities, or types.

Friday, June 21, 2019

#Being #Present: 2019-06-21

1. Being present is hosting where you are hosting.
2. Being present is reflecting when you are reflecting.
3. Being present is amplifying what you are amplifying.
4. Being present is being who you are as the host of what is present to you.

5. Being present is how you are creative, skilled, talented, and perform well because when you are present, you host and thereby are out of the way of intelligence and power.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

#Reflect #Express: 2019-06-20

1. Life is expression, and reflection is the means of expression.
2. Express to live and live to express.
3. Reflect to express and express to reflect.
4. Be empty, clear, silent, simple, and still to reflect.

5. Be the amplifier, container, host, inner place and space, magnifier, mirror, transceiver, and vessel to reflect.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

#Accountability #Responsibility: 2019-06-19

1. You do poorly on a test. Do you blame the teacher, the textbook, or your learning and studying skills?
2. A saw cut goes off the mark. Do you blame the lumber, the saw, the dull saw blade, or your sawing skill?
3. A recipe turns out poorly. Do you blame the cooking instructions, your cooking tools, or your cooking skills?
4. A dog does not come back when called. Do you blame the dog, the environment, or your dog-training ability?

5. Your child misbehaves at school. Do you blame the child, other children, the school, a teacher, or your parenting?